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Reversible Elbow Pad “WAKO” – red-blue


In point-fighting, elbow protectors are already mandatory in accordance with the WAKO regulations. The TOP TEN “WAKO” guardsare designed and officially approved. The highlight is the turning design in the competition colors blue and red. The functional fabric is extremely elastic and has a friction-resistant structure. This guarantees you a durable product with unique wearing comfort. A special pad made of EVA foam provides optimal protection for your elbow joint. Thus, the elbow protection “WAKO” acts preventively against injuries – of you and your partner. Due to the high elasticity, the protectors can be worn over 2 sizes and you can choose between the double sizes S-M; Decide M-L and L-XL.

Additional advantages:

  • 100% polyester fabric
  • turning design blue / red
  • EVA foam pad
  • WAKO approved
  • delivery in pairs
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Safe technical partner in training and competition – elbow protection “WAKO”.

If you want to win, you have to do your techniques well. Reliance 100% on your body and protect it with functional protective equipment, because only injury-free you are successful. The elbow is a rather complex joint and controls not only the arm movement but also the hand movements, such as turning. The EVA foam pad covers the hinge joint over a large area, thus preventing additional stress from the outside.

Support function included.

The “WAKO” elbow pads are adapted in the design of a classic sports bandage and can be easily put on and take off. The functional fabric with anti-slip function is stretchy but still dimensionally stable. This provides a good basis for effective joint and muscle support. Sweat and heat can permanently damage your skin. The special functional fabric of the TOP TEN elbow protectors counteracts here with a unique textured weave.

“WAKO” Elbow Guard, your defense specialist.

The attack is the best defense. Unfortunately one is not always able to do that. The ultimate in injury-free martial arts is an effective defense. Especially parts of the body that are not protected by muscles, such as knees and elbows, need an extra layer of protection. Here the TOP TEN equipment offers an excellent solution.

Listen to your body and protect it with the best protective equipment in high quality. Click into our shop and get now the “WAKO” elbow pads in the competition-suitable turning design with WAKO label.

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