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Punching bag, Heavy Bag “Premium”



Other advantages:

length: approx. 130 cm

weight: approx. 41 kg (+/- 10%)

diameter: max. 40 cm

robust PU-outer material


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Who can crack TOP TEN’s “Peanut”? This full synthetic leather boxing bag challenges you at the highest level. Show your strengths on it and practice punching and kicking techniques in a freely swinging or fixed position. Thanks to a stable shackle on the underside of the approximately 130 cm long “Peanut,” it can be connected to a ground anchor. The “Peanut” withstands the most demanding loads and is designed for long-term use in fitness studios and martial arts schools via a 6-way fixation with chains and a rotating ring. The peanut-shaped punching bag owes its cushioning properties to a sustainable filling made from scraps of fabric. The TOP TEN “Peanut” inspires in boxing, Thai boxing, kickboxing, K1, MMA, or Muay Thai alike.

Gewicht 58,50 kg





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