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Punchball “Striker”


The TOP TEN “Striker” is an excellent training device. With little effort and space requirements, the TOP TEN box ball offers you effective training options – at home or in the gym. The spring-loaded metal rod with solid PU-ball is located on the stable base made of high-quality plastic. For a non-slip and tip-proof stand, the base should be filled with water or sand. Due to the round base, the “Striker” can easily change its spatial position even when loaded. The punch ball can be individually adjusted to the athlete via the height adjustment. The oscillating spring gives the “striker” its dynamism and demands your full concentration with every single exercise. Train coordination, technique, and movements on the “Striker” punch ball from TOP TEN.

Additional advantages:

  • stable base
  • high-quality PU punch ball
  • infinitely variable height adjustment
  • spring-loaded metal rod

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How fast are you really? Test your responsiveness to the “Striker” punchball.

Do you feel fit for the next competition? Test your speed beforehand on the “Striker” standing boxing ball from TOP TEN. This training tool is tireless when it comes to keeping you moving. Each of your punches and kicks is immediately followed by a reaction from the full-suspension rubber ball. Try to avoid the movements and find your rhythm for effective footwork and quick changes of position.

Make something of it – space wonder “Striker.”

You are not coming to training right now, and your condition is no longer what it used to be? Then transform your home into a professional gym in no time at all, with the punch ball “Striker” from TOP TEN. The training device is easy to set up and can be placed flexibly in the room. Even when filled, the position can be changed again and again by rolling the base. Exercises on the “striker” increase your ability to react and refine your techniques.

Social life, despite social distancing – how it works.

Are you in the mood for sporty life again? Then the “Striker” is exactly your tool for prudent cooperation in the sports studio or club. As a mobile training device, you can place the punch ball freely and thus keep safety distances in the gym or the gym without hesitation. In group training, the PU ball and all other parts of the “Striker” can be cleaned with a damp cloth and can also be disinfected if necessary.

Now it’s your turn – order your “Striker” standing boxing ball right here in our online shop.

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