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Protective Mask


Keep a complete overview on the mat and get the TOP TEN face mask, an additional official tool from WAKO for Pointfighting. The mask is made of break-proof and transparent polycarbonate and specially designed for point fighting requirements. It is attached to one of your TOP TEN headgear with hook and loop fasteners in a matter of seconds and significantly increases its safety in the eye and nose area. The mask also protects even the chin area to absorb uppercut or knee impacts effectively. Your breathing remains undisturbed through the ventilation openings on your nose and mouth. The easy-care properties of your TOP TEN face mask, which can be cleaned with clear water and disinfected if necessary, also ensure a good feeling.

Additional advantages:

  • break-proof polycarbonate
  • additional tool for TOP TEN head protection
  • simple hook and loop fastening
  • official mask for WAKO Pointfighting

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Full protection for light contact – the TOP TEN face mask.

Even if Pointfighting is not about the K.O. of the opponent goes, injuries can occur in light contact sports. To reduce the risk to a minimum, you can upgrade your TOP TEN head protection (full protection, competition fight, avant-garde, or training) with the face mask. Attachment is child’s play with a quick hook and loop system and takes just a few seconds.

So you always keep track of things.

Sweat can do a lot of damage to your equipment. That is why we at TOP TEN ensure that all equipment is cleaned simply and effectively. Since the face mask protects a susceptible area on the body, it goes without saying that hygienic cleaning is appropriate. Dirt and sweat can easily be washed off, and surface disinfection is possible if necessary.

The ultimate upgrade for your safety – face mask from TOP TEN.

One wrong move and an unintentional hit in the face. A broken nose or a black eye no longer serve as an indication of being tough. It is better to show your responsibility by using high-quality safety equipment – for yourself and your partner/opponent.

Secure yourself an additional tool in a class of its own and order the TOP TEN face mask here directly in our online shop.

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