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Power Wall “one 4 all”



easy attachment

impact elements can be changed at any time

individual modular system

numerous accessories available


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With the Power Wall “one 4 all”, TOP TEN has the solution for all your space problems. This training tool is simply mounted on the wall and offers martial artists from Taekwon-Do, karate, point fighting, etc. unimagined possibilities. At 62 cm x 62 cm, the system building panels made of sturdy wood fit on any solid wall and positioned as you wish. The front of the Power Wall “one 4 all” is covered with a special durable hook and loop coating on which the different punch pads of the set (2 Power Wall “Mini” and “Small” Targets, 1 Power Wall “Dummy” and 1 Power Wall “Arm Target” M & L) or additional add-ons can be arranged.

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