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Power Wall “Dummy”



Other advantages:

Add-on to the Hayashi Power Wall

strong Trocellen hook and loop system

resistant synthetic leather surface

Training tool for all performance levels




A sports fan with no ifs and buts is the Power Wall “Dummy” by Hayashi. As an add-on to the Hayashi Power Wall, the robust colleague made of wipe able synthetic leather can be placed steplessly on the chipboards. Its dimensions of 25 cm x 23 cm x 22 cm (head) and 46 cm x 53 cm x 14 cm (body) are an accurate surface and can be used in children’s and beginner training. But the “dummy” is also a suitable tool for fitness and precision exercises in the professional sector. Its robust padding has excellent damping properties so that a high level of safety is given when handling the Hayashi “dummy.”

Gewicht 3,00 kg