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Pointfighter Glossy “Star & Stripes”


Additional advantages:

faux leather cover

easy processing with approx. 220 g/glove

interchangeable closure strap

excellent cushioning properties


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In Pointfighting, TOP TEN does its best for you and presents first-class quality protective equipment with the “Star & Stripes” Pointfighters. The open gloves are perfectly tailored to the unique challenges of the kickboxing discipline Pointfighting. TOP TEN relies on a high-quality and durable cover made of animal-friendly synthetic leather for the outer hand. On the other hand, the inner lining made of anti-slip material offers a perfect fit and an absolute feel-good program for your skin. The name of the Pointfighter, “Star & Stripes,” is the design. In addition to the well-known TOP TEN Company Star, there is also a visually appealing stripe design on your handguards. With the exchangeable closure strap, you get a product that is 100% tailored to daily training use.

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