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Ninja uniform “Kendo” with accessories


As inconspicuous as a shadow, you creep up and surprise your opponent with your sudden appearance out of nowhere. You move almost unnoticed in the night-black “Kendo” ninja suit by Hayashi. The complete set consists of a jacket, pants, hood, and matching gaiters. Well covered, you can feel the spirit of the ninja directly on your skin. 100% cotton ensures a comfortable fit and sufficient stability of your uniform. For great sporting fun, the cut of the pants and jacket is movement-friendly and yet body-hugging. The “Kendo” ninja suit is suitable for sports such as Ninjutsu, Aikido, and Kendo – but also brings maximum martial art feeling away from these styles.

Additional advantages:

  • extensive set of jacket, pants, hood, and gaiters
  • 100% cotton
  • night black look
  • size selection from 140 cm – 200 cm
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Like a shadow in the night – the ninja suit “Kendo” by Hayashi.

Would you like to feel the spirit of the Far Eastern martial arts directly on your skin? Then find the experience in the “Kendo” ninja suit by Hayashi. Its robust cotton fabric is extremely hard-wearing and withstands the stresses of active martial arts use. As a set, it offers you the advantage of being able to immerse yourself in the world of your martial arts right away with just one order. The cut and design make you want to do one more training session, and the “Kendo” becomes a top-class sports suit.

The fabric of your dreams: cotton.

Properties that the “Kendo” ninja suit can use. Even when wet, cotton is tear-resistant and highly resilient. The fabric sucks the sweat from your skin and slowly releases it into the environment. As a purely natural product, cotton is a skin-friendly material with a low allergy potential and ensures a comfortable feeling even when worn for long periods.

Well thought out and functional down to the last detail.

The Hayashi ninja suit “Kendo” is a usable sports uniform and cannot be compared with costumes. Instead, you should feel and experience your sport intensely from head to toe through the traditional clothing of the ninja. Hayashi brings all of his experience into the set so that you can expect a functional product of first-class quality.

Rely on the experience of the professionals at Hayashi and get your “Kendo” ninja suit right here from our online shop.

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