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Mouth guard with box – transparent


So inconspicuous and yet so important. TOP TEN’s transparent mouth guardbarely stands out when used, but protects its wearer from knocked-out teeth, jaw injuries or concussion. In its handling, it is super easy and instructions for the implementation of the “Boil & Bite” procedure is enclosed. The front area over the incisors is worked extra high and is divided by a louver in the middle. This little detail ensures an unobstructed mouth breathing. TOP TEN puts you in the right box for practical storage. With its fixed click closure, it keeps the mouth guard hygienically securely packed.

Additional advantages:

  • inconspicuous through transparency
  • customizable (boil & bite)
  • increases tension in the oral cavity
  • tasteless



Provides more tension – transparent mouth guards from TOP TEN.

Increased tension in the oral cavity stabilizes the pine joints and even strengthens the cervical region. Both are badly affected, especially in the case of hits to the head. But how does this increase in tension work? Early on, boxers noticed that the risk of injury with the mouth closed, with a piece of wood between the teeth, resulted in far fewer injuries than without. Tense muscles act like a shield and an additional mouth guard like an airbag, which absorbs the impact energy and distributes it over a large area.

How does the customization work?

TOP TEN’s transparent mouth guard is designed for adult dentition and is therefore not suitable for children under 12 years old. Put the mouth guard on the first use for about 30 seconds in hot water. When you realize that the material is becoming soft and malleable, get it out of the water and allow it to cool briefly before putting it in your mouth. Then insert the protector and lightly press it with your fingers around your teeth. An additional “suction” brings even more fit. Are you sure that everything fits, then put the mouth guard until it is completely cooled, in cold water. Now your prints should be fixed and your individual protector is ready.

Hygiene articles of the martial arts professional.

TOP TEN knows everyone who knows martial arts. With our products, especially in the field of security, we revolutionized martial arts early on. Founder Georg F. Brückner introduced soft boxing gloves and innovative headgear and established TOP TEN as one of the martial arts brands. Today, the TOP TEN product range includes not only sports fashion, equipment, and safety equipment, but also hygiene products. Jockstraps and mouth guards complete your equipment.

Zero buck tooth gaps or a concussion? Then get the transparent mouth guard from TOP TEN here in our online shop.


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