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Mouth Guard „Basic“


You simply cannot do without it – mouth guards are part of martial arts like a bicycle helmet is part of a cyclist. With our “Basic” mouth guard, we equip all classes from juniors to seniors with precisely fitting equipment. The plastic splint comes to you anatomically preformed and can be thermally reshaped. With the “Basic” you are well protected against failures in the face and jaw area. Its tight fit surrounds the teeth and gums so that the impact and impact intensity is significantly reduced. As a hygiene product, we deliver the “Basic” to you in a suitable storage box. The mouth guard is easy to clean after use. Please note that tooth guards are generally excluded from the exchange.

Additional advantages:

  • stable thermoplastic
  • anatomically preformed
  • easy to clean
  • including plastic box
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Protects you from painful and expensive consequential damage – “Basic” mouth guard.

One accidental hit in the face, and it’s done. The shock spreads rapidly through the hollow of the mouth and inevitably forces you to stop. With the “Basic” mouth and tooth protection, the pressure wave is disturbed in its intensity and prevents serious and usually expensive tooth injuries. Thanks to its anatomical shape and the flexible thermoplastic, the “Basic” fits perfectly.

A clean affair: “Basic” mouth guard.

We enter a susceptible area with hygiene articles. That is why we pay attention to the best processing techniques and raw materials for the “Basic”. It is deliberately designed to be transparent because it is the only way to see residues immediately after use and remove them very easily. We recommend that you use an appropriate mouth guard box for transport so that your “Basic” remains hygienically perfect even when you are out and about. Understandably, the “Basic,” like all of our tooth guards, cannot be exchanged.

Getting a taste for it: tips for your safety.

Even without trendy flavor components, the “Basic” will give you a taste for more martial arts security. Its tight fit ensures ideal pressure distribution and protects the jaw and teeth from serious injuries. Even the risk of a concussion is significantly reduced by wearing a face mask.

Show teeth for more safety in martial arts – with the “Basic” mouth guard from our online shop.

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