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MMA competition gloves “Competitor”


Never forget – success is entirely in your hands. With the TOP TEN MMA competition gloves “Competitor” with a genuine leather cover, you wear real fighters on your hands. The gloves have an open palm, so you can access them unhindered. Thanks to the short fingers, you retain complete control over what’s happening in the octagon and can grab it anytime. The divided padding on the handhas strong absorbing powers and helps protect you and your opponent from serious injuries. The “Competitor” competition MMA gloves are equipped with a first-class double-hook and loop fastener for a good grip. The cuff closes tightly even when used frequently and stabilizes the sensitive wrist area.

Additional advantages:

  • genuine leather cover
  • divided protection zones
  • open finger guidance
  • strong Double-hook and loop fastener
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The “Competitor” MMA competition gloves make sporting success tangible.

Take the space you need to bring out your strengths in MMA. It would help if your hands were fully functional, especially for throws, holds, and levers. The “Competitor” competition gloves are your guarantee of freedom and safety in equal measure in MMA. Their cut and the open finger guide promise unrestricted freedom of movement, while the padding on the outside of the hand effectively counteracts serious injuries.

TOP TEN stands for safety in martial arts.

TOP TEN has been your guarantee for safe martial arts for decades. Our sports-specific products equip all levels of performance and age without sacrificing the critical safety system. Our products are co-developed by active athletes and continually adapt to changing needs. The “Competitor” is also a successful combination of safety, comfort, and design.

The “Competitor” MMA gloves have the apparent advantage of genuine leather.

Breathable and a soft grip – this characterizes the “Competitor” MMA competition gloves from TOP TEN. This requires a high-quality genuine leather cover because natural wearing comfort can only be ensured with natural material. In addition, genuine leather is hard-wearing, an essential property in MMA martial arts.

Get you in top form – the TOP TEN MMA competition gloves “Competitor” from the Budoland online shop.

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