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Mini boxing gloves “TOP TEN Kickboxing” – white


Get the little kickboxing fun on the go. The mini models “TOP TEN Kickboxing” bring you a good mood and never let you forget your passion for the sport. The design of the decorative boxing gloves is of very high quality, which makes them convincing even in large numbers as a present for club members or studio guests. The bright red “TOP TEN Kickboxing” print is abrasion-resistant and looks very elegant on the optional white, silver, or gold background. The mini boxing gloves “TOP TEN Kickboxing” have extended lacing for easy attachment to the car rearview mirror, backpack, or your workplace. Our insider tip, especially for children and youth groups: Use mini boxing gloves in silver and gold as an award for extraordinary achievements.

Additional advantages:

  • high-quality synthetic leather cover
  • available in 3 colors
  • cord suspension
  • abrasion-resistant print motif


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More practical than any trophy – “TOP TEN Kickboxing” mini boxing gloves.

Who likes to carry a trophy on their backpack or hang a medal on the rearview mirror? The handy mini boxing gloves “TOP TEN Kickboxing” are much more practical. Due to their color selection in white, silver, and gold can be used as a special award for sporting achievements. The gimmicks are eye-catching thanks to the large print motif, while the extended lacing of the mini models makes it easier to attach them to your favorite place.

Never forget how athletic you are.

Do you lack the necessary motivation today to get yourself up to training? Give the weaker self a basket and look at your “TOP TEN Kickboxing” mini boxing gloves. They awaken all the positive feelings connected to your sport and put the sadness of everyday life to flight. If you want, you can give away the TOP TEN motivation boosters to like-minded people and promote cohesion in the sports group.

Revive old relationships with a special kind of gift.

Your regular customers haven’t heard from you in a long time? To strengthen the bond, small gifts work wonders. TOP TEN’s mini boxing gloves are neither intrusive nor do they give the impression of being labeled as odds and ends. We also offer “TOP TEN Kickboxing” in large numbers to clubs, studios, and sports schools.

Hang in there – the mini boxing gloves “TOP TEN Kickboxing.” Get the sporty accessories right here from the Budoland online shop.

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