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Mini boxing gloves “TOP TEN Boxing”


Today you give your hands a break, and still, you just can’t get boxing out of your head? Then it’s time for the right decoration at work, in your home, or the car. The little “TOP TEN Boxing” mini boxing gloves are your motivational boost outside the boxing ring. In three brilliant colors, the small specimens are available everywhere and ensure anticipation for the next fight. Our “TOP TEN Boxing” is also ideal as a customer present or gift among sports fans. How about a bit of cheer up after a challenging but lost fight? In particular, the youngest athletes like to accept so-called “consolation prizes” and feel the appreciation of your well-intentioned encouragementwith the “TOP TEN Boxing.”

Other advantages:

  • 3 colors to choose from
  • customer/member present
  • high-quality workmanship
  • TOP TEN boxing print

Give joy with the “TOP TEN Boxing” mini boxing gloves.

Would you like to make someone happy? TOP TEN’s mini boxing gloves are the right choice for everyone who feels right at home in martial arts. Whether in white, silver, or gold, the little things are guaranteed to impact a surprising present positively. The red “TOP TEN Boxing” print indicates the highest quality standards, which are also reflected in the martial arts giant’s decorative items.

Mini boxing gloves from TOP TEN, because giving gifts has to be learned.

Presents make us happy or not. And even giving yourself a gift can turn into happiness or a war of nerves. Gifts should, therefore, always be something special, and the value of the gift is usually secondary. Instead, most of us appreciate the gesture alone and are happy to receive attention outside of the much sought-after gift days such as birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries. The mini boxing gloves “TOP TEN BOXING” make boxer eyes shine and are guaranteed to be a perfect surprise.

Make your home worth living in – with decorative items that promise you happiness.

Anyone who feels pure happiness in the boxing ring will love the mini boxing gloves from TOP TEN. Bring the feeling of joy straight to your home and brighten up your workplace, your creative corner, or a simple kitchen cupboard with sporty fan articles. Thanks to the extended lacing, the small boxing gloves can be easily attached and repositioned repeatedly.

Get the mini boxing gloves “TOP TEN Boxing” from our online shop as a gift and for yourself.

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