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Meshbag “WKF Deluxe” – 65 cm x 26,8 cm x 26,8 cm, black


The airy Hayashi mesh bag “WKF Deluxe” convinces you with a lot of storage space and low weight. In addition, as a sports bag, it provides enough fresh air, which your equipment, in particular, will enjoy to the fullest. Whether foot protection or TSUKIs, it can fulfill its purpose only if your protective equipment is transported and stored correctly. But the shower towel and Gi will also thank you for not being locked in a closed bag with sweat and moisture. The “WKF Deluxe” mesh bag can be opened easily and wide using the drawstring. The closed bottom compartment protects against penetrating dirt and moisture from below and offers additional space for your budolettes. Hygiene items find a suitable place in the 2 zip pockets on the front of the Hayashi mesh bag “WKF Deluxe.” The practical pocket is large enough for your membership card or business card, so it is impossible to mix up the pockets.

Additional advantages:

  • low weight
  • closed bottom compartment
  • practical shoulder strap
  • Hayashi design incl. WKF print

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Hayashi Meshbag “WKF Deluxe” provides fresh air.

Breathing profoundly is essential after exercise, also for your sports gear. Bacteria can multiply at breakneck speed if you pack sweaty clothes in a closed bag. The result can then be smelled at the latest. In the Hayashi Meshbag “WKF Deluxe,” your equipment is supplied with fresh air from almost all sides. This allows moisture to escape, and the formation of bacteria is reduced. In addition, the transparency of the mesh pocket has another decisive advantage – you can keep an eye on everything.

The “WKF Deluxe” mesh bag should not be lacking in carrying comfort either.

A closed bag base and a closed back give the mesh bag stability while ensuring sufficient carrying comfort. A length-adjustable shoulder strap allows the “WKF Deluxe” to be carried comfortably even over longer distances. The 2 zipped pockets prove to be practical. In it, hygiene articles and purses or keys can be safely brought to their destination.

A hero of your sport in design.

Durable and robust, the duffel bag is designed for the daily demands of sports and leisure activities. With the Hayashi Company brand and the colored WKF label, the plain black “WKF Deluxe” mesh bag gets a sporty look. In addition, both items give their promise of quality.

Pack stress-free – with the Hayashi “WKF Deluxe” mesh bag from our online shop, you can always keep an eye on your belongings.

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