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    Master Instructor Dobok “Air Deluxe” – white


    Enter the premium class of Taekwon-Do and get the Master Instructor Dobok “Air Deluxe” from TOP TEN. Athletes from the 4th Dan appreciate the sports suit with black stripes as an award for their achievements and are immediately recognizable as professionals for students. The fabric’s excellent quality gives the “Air Deluxe” Master Instructor Dobok a refreshing lightness and first-class wearing comfort. Due to the fabric’s structure, the suit is extremely robust and still scores unhindered air permeability. The black stripes are on the jacket’s hem and the arms and legs’ outer seams. The large Taekwon-Do lettering on the back and the colored logo patches of the ITF and TOP TEN ensure a casual finish.

    Other advantages:

    • open-pored functional fabric
    • fast drying time
    • movement-friendly cut
    • high-quality seams

    Go on a new path with the Master Instructor Dobok “Air Deluxe”.

    This path will not be easy, yet you made it and rose to the high ranks of Taekwon-Do. The “Air Deluxe” Master Instructor Dobok is an additional award for your skills. With the black stripes on the jacket’s waistband, over the shoulder and arm seams as well as the outer trouser seam, you can be recognized at first glance in your level of training and be a good example. Your sports suit won’t let you down and has all the distinctive features of an ITF-approved Taekwon-Do Dobok.

    The “Air Deluxe” Master Instructor Dobok from TOP TEN shows why it simply can be brilliant.

    Don’t be afraid of elaborate folding techniques or confusing wrapping tapes, because the “Air Deluxe” Master Instructor suit consists of a comfortable combination of a pull-on jacket and trousers with drawstring. Thanks to the light, functional fabric, you can enjoy maximum mobility, so that you will feel comfortable in every situation. Extra high-quality quilted seams give the jacket’s lapel a nice stand. Arm and legends are also reinforced for a long life of the Dobok.

    The Taekwon-Do suit “Air Deluxe” Master Instructor shows you in top form.

    The cut of the TOP TEN Master Instructor Dobok “Air Deluxe” is 100% adapted to the sport’s requirements. You enjoy full freedom of movement and still cut a good figure in a straight-cut sports suit. Pants and jacket are made of skin-friendly synthetic fibers and have no significant points of friction.

    Show what you can and get your TOP TEN Master Instructor Dobok “Air Deluxe” from our online shop from the 4th Dan.

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