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Kicks “SuperLight PRISM”


The TOP TEN “SuperLight PRISM” foot protection ensures the best kicks because not only do they inspire with their appearance, they also impress with a comprehensive safety package. This includes the dimensionally stable padding made of high-quality PPS foam, the elastic toe loops, the fastening tape, and the non-slip inner material. For the long service life of your foot protectors, the bumper edge is reinforced with tape. Putting on the “SuperLight PRISM” is child’s play thanks to the simple system using the elastic stripes. Skin-friendly anti-slip material is used inside the slightly shiny synthetic leather protectors in the unique PRISM design. With a large selection of colors, TOP TEN’s “SuperLight PRISM” foot protectors cause a color explosion on the mat.

Other advantages:

  • high damping properties
  • stable foam padding
  • shiny leatherette cover
  • non-slip inner material
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On your feet, get set, go! TOP TEN-foot protection, “SuperLight PRISM.”

If you want to earn top grades in terms of security, you have to take significant steps instead of lingering on little things. TOP TEN implements a comprehensive safety package with the “SuperLight PRISM” foot protectors for you so that you are well protected on the mat in all martial arts disciplines where a lot of footwork is done. Due to the foot protectors’ missing sole, you always have direct contact with the ground, which means you have a secure stance.

Not from bad parents – the “SuperLight PRISM” foot protectors.

TOP TEN has been the specialist in the martial arts sector for decades and equips athletes of all levels with high-quality equipment. That is why the “SuperLight PRISM” couldn’t have done it better than coming freshly designed from the TOP TEN successful forge. The graphic design does not appear exaggerated or boring on the robust synthetic leather cover with a slightly glossy look. With the interchangeable fastening tape, you can upgrade your “SuperLight PRISM” in terms of security and gain personalized design options.

An easy thing: foot protection care.

After use, make sure to dry your foot protectors in the fresh air. To keep things tidy, we recommend a mesh bag, as you can hold your equipment together and still have undisturbed air circulation from all sides. Soiling on the synthetic leather surface can be removed with a damp cloth.

Treat your feet to an extra portion of security and style – with the TOP TEN “SuperLight PRISM” foot protection from our online shop.

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