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    Kicks “Star” foot protector, foot gear


    The foot protection “Star” uses the immensely dimensionally stable, patented Bayfill® foam. With its unique shock absorption properties, it makes foot protectors your new must-have in kickboxing. Because where kicks decide about victory and defeat, it needs safety equipment to forgive technical mistakes. Even hard kicks are defused and especially the sensitive area of the metatarsus perfectly protected. For a quick and easy putting on and taking off of the foot protectors, TOP TEN has equipped the “Star” with a wide and freely flexible “tongue”. The closure is made by an elastic band with a hook and loop fastener, which secures the foot protector non-slip via a figure-eight loop. Our TOP TEN Star is non-abrasive on the premium synthetic leather case in the color range white, green or black, applied.

    Additional advantages:

    • patented Bayfill® foam
    • Premium synthetic leather
    • Quick in & out
    • perfect fit

    It’s all about the inner values – TOP TEN foot protection “Star”.

    With the Bayfill® foam filling you have the ultimate protection on your feet. This immensely strong padding can absorb even the highest loads and distribute the energy over a large area. The foot protectors do not put a force transfer of your kicks to the opponent in the way – full power transfer with maximum security, for you and your opponent, you are guaranteed with the “Star” TOP TEN foot protectors.

    The right one for demanding feet.

    Only the best for your feet. With the padding, we have already created a high-quality basis and continue this with the selection of the premium synthetic leather case. Thanks to the latest technologies, the pet-friendly artificial leather is in no way inferior to the animal genuine leather counterpart. Particularly robust and resistant to external influences, the colors shine in brilliant quality.

    Elastic bands bring the secure hold.

    Striking in the kicks, and a big difference to conventional shoes is not only the missing sole but also the ingenious locking and holding system. Your toes are securely guided in elastic loops and thus still have the full contact with the ground for a secure footing. Also, the hook and loop strap is elastic and fixed as a simple figure-eight loop the foot protection custom fit and individual.

    Feel real quality at every turn and get the TOP TEN foot protector “Star” right here in our online shop.


    Black-Gold, Green-Black, White-Gold


    M-L, L


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