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Kicks “ITF Kids” foot protector, foot gear


The ITF foot protector not only makes little athletes look cool, but it also protects them particularly well. With form-strong paddingmade of shock-absorbing foam, TOP TEN makes the impact energy disappear almost without a trace. Due to the distribution over the entire surface of the foot protection, punctual overloading of the target area is excluded, thus reducing the risk of injury but also fatigue phenomena significantly. With a sturdy and durable faux leather shell, you can have fun with the “ITF Kids” in blue or red. The specially designed Kids print is abrasion-resistant applied in fresh colors on the instep. Elastic rubber loops and a strong hook-and-loop fastener allow the children’s foot protection to slide against children’s feet in shoe size range 33-36.

Additional advantages:

  • cool kids design
  • extremely cushioning padding
  • robust artificial leather skin
  • easy to put on and take off
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Achieve goals. With small steps to the goal – foot protection “ITF Kids” by TOP TEN.

Boys and girls alike are thrilled with the fresh and cheeky design of TOP TEN ITF Kids’ foot protectors. And parents do not need to worry about the safety of their offspring at the Taekwon-Do. Whether in training or in the first competitions, these foot protectors have it all. The extremely stable padding not only protects the carrier child, but it also guarantees the partner child maximum safety with the TOP TEN protectors. For all the small athletes with shoe size 33-36 who want to get high in Taekwon-Do Sport, the “ITF Kids” are the best choice.

Like the big role models.

Not only are the kids eager for their big athletic idols, but our foot protectors are also in no way inferior to their adult counterparts in terms of wearing comfort and protective function. On the contrary – the form adapted to children’s feet, the “ITF Kids” are absolutely comfortable and can also be easily put on and take off. For a long life ensure the high quality material selection, as well as excellent processing of child protection equipment.

Protective equipment – safety not only for you.

Why you should put special value also first-class protective equipment? Because not only you want to be spared from injuries, but also your training partner. Especially when new techniques and movements are rehearsed, accidental hits with hardness at unprotected places can be very painful. Even a claw or a punching bag can be really unpleasant, tough opponents if you have distinctions in the distance perception. Where pain begins, fun usually stops and children are quickly losing their fascination with sports.

Protect children’s curiosity and the fun of sports with high-quality protective equipment, such as the TOP TEN foot protection “ITF Kids”. Get them right here in our online shop.

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