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Kicks Glossy “Star & Stripes”


The foot protectors Glossy “Star & Stripes” by TOP TEN ensure a strong performance. The protectors are the perfect companions for kickboxers and absorb energy quickly thanks to the cushioning PPS foam. Especially the sensitive tension and ankle area is perfectly protected and you can fully concentrate on your movements. To ensure that nothing slips, the foot protection is held by a flexible fastening strap with hook and loop fastener. To guarantee a long-wearing pleasure, the fixed band is interchangeable at any time. Another highlight of this lightweight foot protector is certainly the sporty design with the side stripes and the well-known TOP TEN brand – the star. The shortened ankle area greatly facilitates the additional creation of a shin guard.

Additional advantages:

  • extremely light
  • robust artificial leather cover
  • PPS foam cushioning
  • exchangeable fastening strap
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On Soft Soles – Foot Protection Glossy “Star & Stripes”.

Be barefoot and still get maximum security. Impossible do you think? Everything is possible with the foot protection Glossy “Star & Stripes”. Since the foot protectors have no conventional sole but are fixed by rubber straps, your feet have the full ground contact for optimized stability. On the other hand, the high-quality padding made of PPS foam, in a shell made of extra durable synthetic leather, gives you perfect protection on kicks.

Step by step for a lifetime.

From our feet, we demand maximum performance for a lifetime. Not only do they have to lift the full weight of our bodies, but they are also the ones that keep us moving. If you have healthy feet, you have a solid foundation for your body. To keep it that way, your feet deserve special protection in martial arts disciplines with energetic footwork and kicks. Use the revolutionary TOP TEN “Glossy Star & Stripes” cushioning system to protect your foot thanks to its highly adaptable fit.

TOP TEN – a martial arts label with history.

With TOP TEN you can trust that all products meet the high demands of your sport. Here TOP athletes work closely with top designers and a performance-oriented development team, always with the goal of getting a little better. The name of the founding father, Georg F. Brückner, has certainly come to your ears. As a martial arts pioneer of his time, he invented the soft boxing gloves and also in the field of safety equipment, he has been one of the leading figures. With his label TOP TEN, Brückner set new standards and made martial arts accessible to a broader circle of athletes. TOP TEN continues its legacy today – safety is our success.

Take an important step for more safety and get the TOP TEN foot protection Glossy “Star & Stripes” in our online shop.

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