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Kicks “Fight” foot protector, foot gear


Your feet are in good hands with us. With the TOP TEN foot protection “Fight” we guarantee immensely strong impact protection, as it is needed in martial arts for kickboxing or Taekwon-Do. The “Fight” is a particularly stable and lightweight foot protector. It owes its high energy intake to the used PPS foam, which is enclosed in a sturdy synthetic leather cover. The lower edges are lined with an additional functional leather strap, thus ensuring a long service life. The foot protector is held securely on the foot by means of a hook and loop system and toe loops. The TOP TEN print is abrasion resistant and applied centrally as a contrast to the 4 different basic colors (white/red/blue/black).

Additional advantages:

  • PPS foam padding
  • durable synthetic leather cover
  • toe loops and hook and loop fastener
  • abrasion-resistant TOP TEN printing
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Stay on earth with both feet – TOP TEN’s “Fight” foot protection.

TOP TEN’s foot protection always promises you full contact with the ground, because its flexible hook and loop closure and elastic toe loops keep the barefoot feeling intact. So you feel the ground under your feet at any time and have a secure footing. The foot protector with its foam core lies friction-free around your foot and also encloses the ankle area.

More choice for more safety.

TOP TEN has the foot protection “Fight” in 4 trendy colors in stock. You can choose between white, red, blue and black and get with a size range of XS to L for each foot the appropriate protection. If you orient yourself by your normal shoe size, you can choose approximately as follows: XS (size 35-37), S (size 38-40), M (size 41-43), M-L (size 42-44), L (size 44-46).

We have the knowledge.

Budoland has been a leading martial arts outfitter for decades and has a comprehensive product lineup. The equipment is designed for all levels of performanceand so the beginner as the pro finds with us what he needs. If you are ever unsure about putting together your equipment, then simply contact our team of consultants in the shop and get expert advice.

Stay firm and get the best TOP TEN quality with the foot protection “Fight” here in our Onlineshop.

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