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Kicking shield “4Tactical Scutum” – white-black, 660 mm x 460 mm



Additional advantages:

cover made of durable RubberTex

padding dimensionally stable PUR foam

diverse grip system

usable with/without Power Wall




Discharge your energy on the TOP TEN 4tactical punch pad “4tactical Scutum.” The half-round shaped, about 66 cm long, and 46 cm wide shield is designed for the most challenging demands in professional martial arts training. With a cover made of hard-wearing RubberTex, even using blunt training weapons is no problem. The “4Tactical Scutum” has a versatile grip system for varied partner training. This can be easily removed via the hook and loop connection and turns your training tool into an add-on to the TOP TEN Power Wall. The “4Tactical Scutum” adheres perfectly to a PowerWall base plate and thus enables individual training at the highest level.

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