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Kickboxing uniform “TTM”


Make room in your sports bag for the TOP TEN kickboxing uniform “TTM”. As a sporty two-piece suit, the suit consists of a T-shirt and long trousers. Both parts are extra wide cut and give you so full flexibility. The size range from 130 cm to XXL makes “TTM” perfect as a team outfit. However, the 4 different color variants also give individual athletes enough space for individual preferences. A great influence on the wearing comfort has in this TOP TEN sports uniform the powerful “TTM” functional fabric. With its adaptable fibers, the fabric is ideal for the high demands of martial arts. It helps keep your body temperature constant and swiftly wicks sweat away from the body.

Other advantages:

  • lightweight functional fabric
  • visible TOP TEN brand elements
  • straight fit
  • numerous sizes in 4 colors
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In the kickboxing uniform “TTM” you never run out of steam.

No matter whether you wear “TTM” in training, sparring or competition, you will never lack sufficient air. Shirt and pants are extensively provided with mesh insertsand let together with the casual cut the air freely circulate around your body. So you are ideally protected against overheating. The synthetic fibers of the “TTM” wick sweat away quickly so that the fabric cannot stick to you unpleasantly.

The extras for more comfort.

Let’s start at the top. The shirt has a wide-lined neckline with a hint V-neck. So it can be easily pulled over the head and is still on the neck. The mesh inserts on the shoulders ventilate the sensitive area between the neck and shoulder blades. Further down, a wide stretch waistband on the “TTM” trousers provides a non-slip fit. As the mesh strip runs forward around the hips, an opaque trim hides the crotch area between the legs. In addition, this extra kick was made, which pays off especially at high kicks. Double hem edges make the uniform “TTM” dimensionally stable and very durable.

The who’s who of the fabrics.

Polyester is arguably the best-known synthetic fiber and has been manufactured industrially since 1947. It is more of a coincidence that the microfiber could later develop from this. What began as a flop for swimwear, came out later as functional sportswear and cleaning cloth. The triumph of microfiber continues unabated to this day and is constantly being improved by new developments.

Get your kickboxing uniform “TTM” made of functional microfiber. Ordered quickly in our online shop.

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