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Kickboxing shorts “WAKO Kickboxing”


TOP TEN presents you with the Kickbox-shorts “WAKO Kickboxing”exclusive sports clothes for the WAKO European and World Championships in K1 and Lowkick. The cut of the shorts is turned down and offers you maximum mobility. Adapted to the Thai style, you will find cuts on the outer side seams, which provide even more legroom for high and lateral kicks. The polyester material of the shorts “WAKO Kickboxing” also makes a brilliant appearance. With its functional properties, you are guaranteed a comfortable fitin the short sports pants. But even outside the WAKO tournaments, you’ll look good in these shorts. Enjoy the athletic strengths of training, sparring or a full-bodied power workout to the fullest.

Other advantages:

  • short sports pants in Thai style
  • 100% lightweight polyester
  • WAKO approved
  • pleasant wearing comfort
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Sport shorts with high performance features: “WAKO Kickboxing”.

Wherever things get hot in sports, you can really sweat. Only with a balanced temperature can you summon your body to peak performance. If your body overheats, it loses power. This phenomenon comes before you with the right sports clothes. The TOP TEN “WAKO Kickboxing” shorts give you an ideal air exchange through the breathable, lightweight functional fabric made of 100% synthetic fibers. Also, the cut of the pants ensures full mobility.

Always in view: a strong design.

TOP TEN uses expressive designs in its sports collections. You can choose the “WAKO Kickboxing” trousers in the competition colors red or blue. In the middle, you will find a generous kickboxing patch, which is framed by flaming gold elements. Also in gold, a hem-band runs around the outer edges. As a result, the short pants remain dimensionally stable and do not stick to the leg even during strenuous activities. The black-golden stretch waistband of the “WAKO Kickboxing” not only ensures a non-slip fit but also pushes through the soft material the unique wearing comfort of these sports pants.

Leaves a lasting impression.

We also want to integrate more environmental awareness from Budoland into martial arts. That’s why we rely on high-quality, durable products that leave a lasting fingerprint in your wardrobe as far as possible. For the production of the “WAKO Kickboxing” shorts, we save valuable water due to the synthetic fibers even before the first needle stick – an ever scarcer natural resource of our planet.

Made for your sport – TOP TEN Kickboxing Shorts “WAKO Kickboxing”. Order them via our online shop and have them delivered comfortable and safe at home.

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