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Kickboxing shorts “Shadow”


Step out of the shadows – “Shadow” Kickboxing shorts by Manus.

Don’t be afraid of big names, because the “Shadow” shorts from Manus can confidently face the rivals of well-known sports clothing. With its super-light polyester material, it is a real flyweight. Thanks to the soft comfort waistband, it adapts perfectly to its wearer and, thanks to its wide cut, promises 100% freedom of movement.

Sometimes less is more – ShortCut Pants “Shadow”.

It doesn’t take much to make functional Kickboxing shorts. In addition to a high-performance fabric, the cut decides whether it is suitable for sportswear. Since Manus has focused on kickboxing, K 1, and Thai boxing with the “Shadow”, the fit is adapted to the sports requirements. With the additional cuts on the outside of the seam, unimpeded freedom of movement for lateral and high kicks is guaranteed.

The dirt goes away – “Shadow” treats itself to a gentle cycle.

Dirt and sweat are no problem for your “Shadow” sports shorts. Anything that cannot be removed with a soft cloth can be done on a gentle cycle in the washing machine at the latest. The short training pants can withstand temperatures of up to 40 ° C and are quick-drying.

Get the “Shadow” Kickboxing shorts from Manus for your passion for martial arts and order them right here in our online shop.

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The black polyester fabric of the Manus “Shadow” Kickboxing shorts shimmers almost mystically on your legs. There are many other advantages in the material so that the short-cut pants are fully convincing in martial arts. Moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating optimize your well-being even during longer training sessions. Thanks to the smooth material’s clean processing, it has hardly any friction points on the skin. The cut of the “Shadow” Kickboxing shorts is generously designed for maximum freedom of movement, making them perfect for kickboxing, K1, and Thai boxing. Also, there are wide cuts on the outside to act unhindered even with high movements. Last but not least, the wide elastic waistband is responsible for a non-slip and precise fit of your Manus “Shadow” shorts.

Further advantages:

  • super short cut with side cuts
  • light polyester fabric
  • wide elastic waistband
  • Machine washable at 40 ° C
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