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Kickboxing pants “Graffiti”


Start off with the ultra-light kickboxing pants from Top Ten in trendy urban-style. The unique functional material of the trousers, with woven TOP TEN structure, has a shimmering gloss effect. The fibers have been adapted to the high demands of your sport and are particularly tear-resistant. In addition, the choice of material and cut enough air to your body, which prevents sweat efficiently. The width and the extra large gusset also allow the wearing of protective equipment, such as groin guards or shin protection. The sideways vertical graffiti “Kickboxing” makes your legs visually stretched even at high kicks. This promises kicks and moves in a special aesthetic. The stretch is supported by the piping on the inner leg. A wide and elastic waistband with the TOP TEN label lets you kickboxing pants “Graffiti” reliably on the spot.

Additional advantages:

  • lightweight and robust pants
  • woven TOP TEN fabric structure
  • announced vertical “Graffiti” –Print
  • double legroom
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Proportions right used – long kickboxing pants “Graffiti” by TOP TEN.

Already Leonardo Da Vinci has thought about the human proportions and how to skillfully stage them. He was also the one who defined the “golden section” – an ideal relationship between the body parts. Kickboxing is about effective but also aesthetic footwork. With the long kickboxing trousers “Graffiti” by TOP TEN you can extend your legs with optical tricks without losing your freedom of movement. The vertical outer lettering and the contrasting piping in the inner leg provide for all available color variants (black, red, white, blue) for an extension of the legs. The wide and elastic waistband, which goes beyond the waist, is also part of TOP TEN’s optical design concept.

The pants that join in everything.

High kicks, fast foot combinations & co are part of kickboxing, as are the kickboxing pants “Graffiti” by TOP TEN. Their sporty cut makes it easy to wear groin guards or shin guards underneath. Thus, the hook and loop fasteners of your protective equipment are also covered by the smooth and soft polyester material. The fiber structure of the functional fabric ensures optimal thermal regulation and prevents “sticking” due to sweat.

From small to large – one pair of pants for all.

TOP TEN keeps the kickboxing trousers “Graffiti” with their cool look in the sizes of 130 cm – 200 cm ready. The unique design not only inspires children and adolescents but also convinces professionals and those who want to become one with its optical functionality.

Surprise with visual illusions and get the kickboxing pants “Graffiti” by TOP TEN.

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