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Key ring “ITF” – ITF fist


No more misplacing your keys – because, with the “ITF” key fob from TOP TEN made of robust stainless steel, you always have your keys in view. The slightly curved fob has a gold finish and a sporty TOP TEN “ITF” design. It is up to you whether you prefer the ITF fist only in black or whether you want to set an eye-catcher in your style with the colored variant. Thanks to the high-quality workmanship, the “ITF” keyring is the ideal gift for a favorite personwith sporting ambitions, but it will also become your favorite in no time at all. The pendant can also be attached to rucksacks or bags using the sturdy metal ring.

Additional advantages:

  • stable metal tag
  • optionally black or colored “ITF” design
  • curved shape
  • ideal as a gift or sporty accessory

This is how your keys cut a good figure – “ITF” key ring.

There is no trace of dreariness because the sporty “ITF” keyring from TOP TEN brings momentum into your everyday life. Thanks to the robust design, the requirements of a reliable everyday companion do not mind. Use the tag to organize your clutter of keys and easily keep an overview. The sporty design makes Taekwon-Do hearts beat faster and puts a smile on your face every time.

“ITF” fob now plays a key role.

Don’t let your head down if everything turns against you again. The boss grumbles, the teachers are annoying, and the dog chewed your favorite sneakers? Then it’s time for you to get out. Grabbed the key and off to the next adventure on the doorstep. Thanks to the golden “ITF” metal tag, you always have your keys in view – so what are you waiting for?

Its made for a favorite person.

Would you like to give a favorite person a sporty surprise? Then the TOP TEN “ITF” key ring is exactly right for you. It’s just practical, and everyone can use it. If you don’t want to use it as a key fob, you can use it to pimp your sports bag or shopping bag – thanks to the sturdy metal ring, there are no limits to creativity.

Give yourself and others joy – with the TOP TEN “ITF” key ring from our online shop.

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