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Karate Shin and Instep Guard


Protect yourself and your training partner with the sensational safety equipment from Hayashi. Wherever hard kicks are used, effective protection of shins and feet is absolutely necessary. Only well-protected, injury-free training is possible and the fun of sports guaranteed. The Hayashi Shin-and Instep Guard is a special set for effective karate training and sparring. The protectors meet high demands and are comfortable to wear due to their cut and fit. The shin guard is extra reinforced on the front and fits comfortably around the leg. The 2 soft and strong hook and loop closures ensure a secure fit. The foot protection also features a padding made of ultralight and highly compressed foam for added safety under the sturdy and abrasion-resistant synthetic leather cover.

Additional advantages:

  • Set offer in blue or red
  • strong hook and loop fasteners
  • insensitive artificial leather
  • ultralight foam padding
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Ensure the right kick – shin and instep guard by Hayashi.

In sports, our body releases happiness hormones and brings us the right kick. The right equipment is always part of a clear sports experience. Especially in Kumite you should not do without a shin and instep guard. Both zones lie relatively unprotected directly under the skin layer. Hayashi counteracts here with its lightweight yet robust protective equipment in the station wagon. The shin protector attaches over the ankle and ends under the knee. So you stay free in all directions.

Durable durability through functional material.

With an outer shell made of robust and abrasion-resistant synthetic leather and dimensionally stable padding made of compressed foam, the Hayashi set gives you a durable product of the highest standard. Depending on the training content, the instep and shin guards can also be used separately. The outer edges of the instep guard are reinforced with an additional band and the elastic toe loops prevent unpleasant slipping of your protective gear.

Have you ever felt the “flow”?

Everything just has to fit. Breathing, blood pressure, and hormones can trigger the so-called “flow” in perfect interaction. At the same time, your body signals a perfect feeling of happiness and you just want to keep training. So in the intoxication of emotions, you should not be reckless especially in martial arts. Listen to your bodyand protect it with high-quality equipment – so nothing stands in the way of the endless sport pleasure.

Get your kick now and get in our online shop the best safety equipment from Hayashi with the karate instep and shin guard.

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