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Karate-Gi “TENNO” (WKF approved)


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In the Tenno Karate suit, we have taken strong support from the practice with E. Karamitsos, the current Kata national coach and Sigi Hartl, a long-time national youth coach of the German Karate Association. Both are Dan carriers and have been active in karate for many years. With her knowledge and the know-how of Hayashi, a Kata suit of the superclass has emerged. The selected cotton of the Gi’s is 12 ounces heavy and its structure density ensures optimal moisture absorption. The karate suit adapts perfectly to your body movements and provides the necessary acoustics – the popular SNAP effect. Like all karate suits for Kata, the “Tenno” is cut short. He fulfills the regulations of the WKF and is embroidered with the WKF label on the lapel of the jacket.

Additional advantages:

  • new fabric structure
  • increased stitching at arm and leg hem
  • skin-friendly through 100% cotton
  • developed by active karateka
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The practice makes the difference – first-class quality in the carat suit “Tenno”.

Long-standing karateka of different performance levels has supported us in the design of the karate suit Tenno. We continue to work on improvements and take the suggestions of the practitioners thankfully in our developments. Since sometimes it’s just details that make the difference, the Tenno, from cut to finish, is a well-thought-out piece of fabric and yarn.

Karate – martial arts from the Chinese Empire.

The name Tenno stands freely translated for an old title of nobility, similar to the state of a German emperor. Without staring, we have worked the karate suit for the Kata area in a particularly robust and durable quality. Even with extreme foot techniques, the Tenno karate suit leaves enough room to move and bring out your body tension.

The Gi with the godparents.

Which karate suit can look back on two such famous and successful godparents as the “Tenno”? The kata national coach of the German Karate Association is a bearer of the 7th Dan and like Sigi Hartl (5th Dan) graceful black belt. In their karate dojo they are confronted daily with the demands of the students and so we get 1 to 1 an open feedback from the practice. Your ideas are what make “Tenno” the perfect karate suit.

Rely on the knowledge of thousands of active karateka and get the karate suit “Tenno”.

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