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Karate-Gi “Tenno” (WKF approved)


Additional advantages:

white cotton fabric in 12 oz fabric quality

classic cut

kick crotches insert for mobility

quilted lapels

WKF approved label


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Wear it with pride, the “Tenno” Karate Gi from Hayashi. The 12 oz fabric quality makes the white kata suit convenient and stable. If you dynamically perform your katas on the mat with it, the fabric lets you hear the desired “Snap effect” – you’ve done everything right. The sports suit skilfully adheres to the most traditional cut specifications and is still a modern Gi with plenty of space for your joy of movement. Anyone who is as meticulous as the Hayashi “Tenno” Gi deserves the WKF label. You will find it visible on the wrap jacket and the lace-up trousers and can therefore take part in tournaments of the World Karate Federation.

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