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Karate-Gi “Legend”


This karate suit will also meet the high expectations of professionals. With its 14-ounce cotton quality, the Legend wears as well as your favorite jeans and is particularly durable, making it a durable companion. The pants are copied from the wide Hakama style and thus brings a lot of room for movement in your movement. Traditionally, the pants are tied with two strings. This should not only give the pants a firm fit but also stabilize your midsection and help you to achieve an optimal posture. The benefits of pure cotton are obvious in the “Legend” karate suit. As a natural product, it is also the number one substance for allergy-plagued athletes, to prevent skin irritation and irritation. In addition, the weight of the material cools your body in sweaty processes and warms in phases of rest and meditation.

Further advantages:

  • high tear resistance
  • reinforced seams
  • extended freedom of movement
  • comfortable to wear
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The development continues -Karate-Gi “Legend” through the ages.

Times change, even in karate. If you want to learn martial arts without even having to fight against a real opponent, you will find your vocation in Kata. Since this is especially about your own body perception and presentation, the right karate suit has a high priority. Your Gi absorbs the body energy and transmits it to the outside. The perfect cut of the carat suit “Legend” is a mirror of yourself and is considered a representative of kata-sport. His outstanding qualities will inspire you.

Developed by service providers for you.

Since no one knows better the requirements of perfect sportswear as well as the athlete himself, we have come to the development of the “Legend” support. High-ranking Dan-wearers and leaders of large dojos stand by our side and give this karate suit the certain refinement by their knowledge, which makes the difference to other gi’s. The increased stitching at the ends of arms and legs bring stability into the already handy and robust suit.

As casual as your favorite jeans.

The soft touch, despite the heavy fabric density, owes the “Legend” of the special processing of cotton. A karate suit as comfortable as your favorite jeans is a guarantee of success on the mat. Only when you feel good, you can bring your athletic performance to perfection.

Put on the knowledge of professionals and get the professional karate suit “Legend” by Hayashi.

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