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Karate-Gi “KUMITE” (WKF approved)


A light and cuddly karate suit made by Hayashi is the “Kumite” – Gi. Especially high feel-good character promises in this karate suit the moisture-conducting cotton blended fabric. The substance absorbs the moisture from the skin and quickly releases it to the ambient air. The functional material mix makes the karate suit easy to clean and lets it dry in no time. The classic cut and the fitpromise a unique wearing comfort. Due to the low weight, the karate suit Kumite lets you perform your movements and techniques fluently. With its soft brushed inside, the Gi increases the feel-good factor and does not leave even sensitive skin types in the lurch.

Additional advantages:

  • mixed fabrics
  • light, soft structure
  • classic cut
  • pants with lacing + elastic waistband
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For the encounter of the special kind -the karate suit “Kumite”.

With the Kumite Karate has established itself from art of struggle to martial arts and finds more and more followers in different performance levels. The karate suit “Kumite” from the House of Hayashi allows for encounters of a special kind and thus brings great things. Cotton and polyester meet here skillfully and combine to a fabric of superlatives. Even the first time you wear it you will feel the difference and can go into the duel with more ease, more freedom of movement and more fun.

Feel the difference.

Our kumite karate suit will surely be your new favorite item in the wardrobe. With functional details, as you usually only know from outdoor clothing, Hayashi scores here 100%. The karate gi is breathable, grippy but not stiff and easy to put on. For the pants is in addition to the traditional lacing with the elastic band provided. The jacket (Uwagi) is open and closed at the side with two cords. The overhead belt (Obi) not only complements the clasp of the karate suit but also shows the athlete’s level of performance through the color.

Fascination karate.

Whether as a balance to the stressful everyday life, as a fitness sport to increase stamina and endurance or as a competitive sport – karate does us all well. If you like to compare your athletic performance in direct comparison, Kumite is exactly the right choice for you. Face to face, the rehearsed kata are used to defeat the opponent on the mat. The exercises are never performed in full hardness, so injuries are largely avoided.

Find your karate in the high-quality karate suit “Kumite” by Hayashi.

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