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Karate-Gi “KUMITE” (WKF approved)


Additional advantages

functional blended fabric

movement-friendly cut


pants with elastic waistband + lacing


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The Karate-Gi “Kumite” from Hayashi is fully adapted in its function to the requirements of the Kumite style. The light and breathable, blended fabric turn the two-piece suit into a natural flyweight so that you can stand on the mat carefree with traditional lace-up jacket and practical rubber trousers. The inside of the “Kumite” Karategi is slightly brushed. With this, Hayashi achieves maximum wearing comfort, which does not decrease even during longer training sessions. All seams are reinforced, making the “Kumite” a long-term companion in your karate training. Equipped with the WKF-approved label, competitions under the auspices of the World Karate Federation are also on the agenda of this timeless karate suit.

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