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Karate-Gi “Kirin”


For the freestylers and individualists among you, Hayashi has designed the karate Gi “Kirin”. This karate suit is not in classic white but comes in impulsive red or chic black. The colored Gi’s make something at public karate shows. Trainers of children’s courses and holiday camps are easier to spot in a colored Gi in the group and are recognized more quickly as contact persons. The sturdy cotton blended fabric allows karate training in the usual freedom of movement. On individual classic elements, such as the laces of the pants, was deliberately omitted. The length of the arms reach to the wrists, the pants to over the ankle. The lapels and finishes are sewn several times and give this Event Gi its stability and fit.

Additional advantages:

  • rich, strong colors
  • robust quality
  • Freestyle and event gi
  • skin-friendly mixed tissue
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Attention please – for the karate suit “Kirin”.

At any price stand out? This is not really the credo in karate. Sometimes, however, it is very helpful to be immediately recognized by the crowd. Especially for public events, where it is about presenting karate to a wide audience, the colored Gi`s can provide the necessary eye-catcher. Also, trainers and group leaders have to be recognizable. Especially younger children colors help with orientation.

An old tradition in a fresh guise.

Karate goes back to ancient traditions, which still today form the basis for this Far Eastern martial arts. The classic white karate suits get with the color suits no real competition. Rather, they fill the gap of mainstream and make karate also freestylers and individualists the desire for martial arts. Anyone who has zero desire for a uniform dress in the dojo will find Kirin the perfect karate suit for an individual training feeling.

Quality knows no bounds.

And does not make any compromises with the colored karate suits. They are worked in red as in black in the usual high-quality Hayashi quality. The fabric, weighing 8 ounces per square meter, makes “Kirin” a real lightweight. The suit is soft on the skin and does not rub up.

Discover Karate new in Freestyle Gi “Kirin” by Hayashi.

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