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Karate-Gi “Kamiza” – black, size 170 cm


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“Honor to whom honor is due”, it already says an ancient phrase from the New Testament. The word Kamiza describes the place where the gods are and are the site in the dojo where the master/teacher sits. Hayashi has launched the “Kamiza” karate suit, a high-quality, classy gi in black canvas quality. The special fabric structure of the medium and solid fabric has a density of 12 ounces. Especially the grip of this fabric structure is noticeable at the first touch and gives the Gi its unbeatable detailed fit. In the black karate suit “Kamiza” by Hayashi you are the focal point in the dojo.

Additional advantages:

  • black canvas fabric
  • 100% cotton
  • pants with laces
  • comfortable fit

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Come to stay – the karate suit “Kamiza” by Hayashi.

Otherwise, karate is not that colorful. Many coaches, teachers, and instructors appreciate the colorful counterparts of the classic white Gi’s but very. Especially with gigs with many spectators, a colored karate suit attracts a lot of attention. Even your own team can orient themselves better and finds his coach out of the crowd quickly. But not only because of this, is the Kamiza a permanent guest in our assortment. The comfortable yet traditional cut gives the suit a feel-good character.

Black and white thinking was yesterday. Karate is today.

You do not just see things black or white? Karate is a full-body sport that not only makes you physically fit, but also boosts your mental strengths. Just swim against the tide and have the courage to be different… what a challenge. The karate suit “Kamiza” is, like the classics in white, for the perfect fit with lacing on jacket and pants provided. In terms of functionality, it impresses with its breathable fabric selection and sports-specific cut.

Lifelong learning.

The way in karate is far from over, even with the acquisition of a black belt. As a karateka, your acquired knowledge and skills are not only useful in the dojo. The mental school of karate sports does not let you down in everyday life, it leads you. Where do you decide that yourself? The black makes your body look even more elegant in a karate suit, and filigree movements are also optimally visualized for the viewer. As a suit for coaches, teachers and instructors “Kamiza” is the perfect training outfit.

Visualize visions, the black karate suit “Kamiza” by Hayashi.

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