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Karate-Gi “Champion Flexz” (WKF approved)


Simply Gi-gantic comes the karate suit “Champion Flexz” in the kumite area. With its excellent fit and innovative polyester and Flexz elastane fabric, Hayashi has another top product for all karatekas. Even when unpacking you will be amazed about the 2 sides of this suit. While the outer surface feels smooth and has a slightly shiny sheen, the inside is soft as baby fleece and has a special structure. Dismantled by nature, Hayashi has copied the honeycomb structure of the bees and thus achieved a light and extremely durable Karate suit. The pants fit perfectly through the wide elastic and the width can be additionally adjusted individually with a drawstring. For optimal freedom of movement, the step ofthe trousers is divided into 3 sections, so there is no central rigid step seam on the “Champion Flexz”. The numerous mesh inserts in jacket and trousers complete the detail list of innovations.

Additional advantages:

  • WKF tested
  • flat seams
  • straight, traditional cut
  • reinforced load zones
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Bring fresh wind into the world of Gi’s, the “Champion Flexz” Gi by Hayashi.

With your choice of the karate suit “Champion Flexz”, you’re in the right place when functionality and chic are your thing. The karate gi is specially designed for the kumite area and brings important details for the free fight. So he has a sickle-shaped Mesh stripe under the armpit, which guarantees you a good air circulation. Also, the back area is provided with a flowing mesh over the shoulders to the back center. A heat or wet accumulation under the suit is thus excluded and you can go with a good feeling on the mat.

Keep what he promises and a little more.

The “Champion Flexz” lives up to its name. The fabric is slightly elastic, which is immediately noticeable in fast movements. Contrary to pure cotton suits, this does not get in the way of this and you can execute your technology sequences precisely and dynamically. Tired areas, such as the lapels and arm and leg cuffs, are deliberately sewn 7 times stronger and ensure a long-lasting karate suit in top quality.

Well packed.

Our “Champion Flexz” arrives well packaged at your home. The zip pocket made of lightweight material you can continue to use for the storage of your Gi. Since the fabric is wrinkle-free, you do not need to bother with the folding. Just in, Zipper closed and ready.

Feel the difference on your skin and test karate suit “Champion Flexz” by Hayashi.

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