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Karate-Gi “Bunkai” (WKF approved)


What the old masters already knew was correctly implemented by Hayashi in karate gi “Bunkai.” The extra heavy cotton blendconvinces with stability and a high structural density. Moisture can be absorbed so quickly and is discharged to the outside. The noisy material also ensures an impressive snap effect on the mat. The “Bunkai” is a competition Gi for the kata area and made in traditional Japanese cut. The generous length of the Uwagi, with its side slits, falls well over the trousers. With an extra-wide crotch, this ensures maximum freedom of movement. The absolute highlight of the “Bunkai” is the Hayashi gloss embroidery in either white, red or blue, which can be seen in the shoulder area, on the chest, and in the neck.

Additional advantages:

  • blended fabrics made of cotton & polyester
  • 12 oz fabric weight
  • multi-stitched seams
  • gloss embroidery
  • WKF approved
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The key to success – Hayashi card Gi “Bunkai.”

Breaking down the complex movements is a comprehensive task of every karate. With the “Bunkai” karate suit, Hayashi brings you a textile trainer by your side that will also accompany you safely on competitions. Its cut is adapted to the typical movement sequences and promises an unlimited flow of movement. Uwagi and Zubonare perfectly coordinated with each other in the “Bunkai” and get a particularly elegant look thanks to the high-quality embroidery.

No secrets with the karate suit “Bunkai.”

While individual contents of the karate techniques have not yet been fully developed, Hayashi relies on full transparency for his “Bunkai”. With it, you experience a new feeling of freedom on the mat, because, despite the fabric weight of 12 oz, the two-piece is a real movement artist. The wrap jacket is quilted several times and, in addition to the typical side slits on the front, has a tapered insert. As a result, the Uwagi falls elegantly and gives you an impressive appearance in patterns disciplines.

Zubon – well laced fits merely better.

The “Bunkai” Karategi combines tradition with modernity and shows its sporty side with its Hayashi embroidery elements. You will also find the WKF approved label on the wide-cut trousers, which certifies that your Gi is suitable for competition. The classic lacing with additional belt loops allows you to adjust the pants individually to your size. It is 100% non-slip – even with dynamic movement sequences.

Get your key to success in our online shop now with the Kata Karate-Gi “Bunkai” by Hayashi.

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