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Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0” (WKF approved)


Here you will meet the popular Karate-Gi classic Bunkai in the 2.0 version. The highlight of the Hayashi Kata-Gi collection is now even more optimally tailored to your needs in sports, thanks to slight changes. The natural strengths of cotton are balanced with the functional properties of synthetic fibers. In “Bunkai 2.0,” you can also feel the power of the material on your skin, with which you bring the typical “snap effect” to the mat. Classic specifications, such as the lacing on the jacket and trousers, are also retained in the “Bunkai 2.0” version. With much freedom of movement, the snow-white Karate-Gi in Japanese cut supports you in executing your forms. High-quality embroidery work in the chest and shoulder area stylishly rounds off the overall concept of the WKF-approved Karate-Gi “Bunkai 2.0”.

Additional advantages:

  • blended fabrics
  • high consistency
  • worked robustly
  • optional glossy embroidery in white/red/blue
  • WKF approved
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A Gi with a license to score: Hayashi Kata-Gi “Bunkai 2.0”.

Collect the points on the competition mat and wear the Karategi “Bunkai 2.0” by Hayashi for your performance. The suit is close to the standard specifications and yet is anything but old-fashioned. The “Bunkai 2.0” is a real innovation in terms of fabric, as natural power and synthetic lightness are in perfect harmony. Thanks to the glossy embroidery in either white/red or blue, you shine in the otherwise snow-white material of the Hayashi Karate-Gi classic.

WKF-approved label promises you full performance.

You’re not the only one who has to give all on the mat in order to be able to perform at WKF tournaments. Your sports suit – the karate gi – will also have much to do with it. Your sports suit – the karate gi – will also have a lot to do with it. Not everything called Gi has achieved suitability for competition, but the “Bunkai 2.0” has. From the structure and the fit to the material, it is thoroughly tested and therefore bears the WKF-approved label clearly visible on the jacket lapel and pants.

Bunkai 2.0 is triple the fun.

Have you already found your favorite style? If not, then get them all three right away. With white, blue, or red glossy embroidery, you are not only an eye-catcher on the competition mats. The strengths of your kata karate gi “Bunkai 2.0” also pay off in training. After all, a good practice is half the battle.

Bring the strengths of the “Bunkai 2.0” Karate-Gis into your regular training and cause a stir at WKF tournaments. Order now safely and conveniently with an order in our online shop.

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