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Karate fist protector “Tsuki” for training


The various karate punching techniques Tsuki can be trained with the Hayashi “Tsuki” every day. The sturdy fist protector made of imitation leather is processed particularly high quality and therefore promises a long life, even under the toughest conditions. For optimum protection, the padding is made from an already preformed foam inner part. Your hands are perfectly protected in the curvature and elastic straps make sure your fingers are always safely guided. The inner cotton cover ensures a comfortable fit. About the strong hook and loop fastener, the “Tsuki” can be adjusted individually. Hayashi provides you the model in the colors red and blue in the size range of XS – L.

Other advantages:

  • preformed padding
  • high protection performance
  • inner lining cotton
  • strong hook and loop fastener
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Indispensable in Kumite – “Tsuki” karate fist protector from Hayashi.

The main task of the “Tsuki” fist guards is to ensure your safety. Especially in the daily training you and your equipment are required a lot. Hayashi has made the “Tsuki” extremely robust and used only high-quality materials. The already curved foam keeps your hands in optimum control and yet effectively protects especially the exposed fingers, which are secured by elastic bands.

The perfect combination of body and technology.

In karate, the Tsuki-Waza = fist punching techniques are part of the training, as well as in the competition area. Before you can get on the mat at events, you should feel safe in the execution of your movements. The “Tsuki” by Hayashi helps you as an optimal link between body and technique. The simple design without thumbsmakes it easy to put on the protectors and you can quickly put them on and off in training depending on the situation.

Make no high demands – “Tsuki” Fist Guards from Hayashi.

The outer skin of the “Tsuki” is made of durable synthetic leather and is, therefore, both dirt and water repellent. So easy-care, they guarantee the pleasure of a long sport and are ideal for demanding training sessions. Due to the low wear, you are permanently well protected with the “Tsuki” by Hayashi and can work on your techniques without a high risk of injury.

Give their best day after day – karate fist protector “Tsuki” by Hayashi – order now here in our online shop.

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