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Karate belt “KAMPFKATZEN”


We understood what children want. They want to do it all, as do we big ones. Why not lay the foundation for the entry into a martial art? Particularly reserved and shy children thrive in the games and exercises in the context of sophisticated combat cat programs. Because, of course, the right outfit also belongs to every sport, Top Ten has specially developed for children from the preschool age, special Martial Arts belts in child-appropriate length and handling. The distinctive knot does not have to be painstakingly tied by the children themselves; a wide and sturdy hook and loop fastener holds the suit, also called Gi, wherever it belongs. The different colors are indicators of performance progress in training. The little ones like the big ones start from the bright colors to the dark ones.

Additional advantages:

  • Robust processing
  • Strong stitching
  • cotton quality
  • hook and loop fastener
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Martial Arts belts are for small battle cats.

Like a school report, small fighting cats get a Martial Arts belt as proof of achievement. But not just like that. The darker the belt color becomes, the more you put your foot down and successfully completed the typical belt test. The belts are particularly robust and they are closed with a hook and loop fastener to prevent injury. The typical node is stuck and can not be opened.

Tschakka – you can do anything.

Is not that what all parents want for their children? Without words, this feeling gives a new budo belt to your child. Again a little further, again a training goal made. Not giving up despite minor regression. What confirmation. What motivation and all this is symbolic in the martial arts of the belt, also called Obi.

A friend for life – Gimmli the combat cat.

Of course, it must not be missing on any product of the combat cat collection. As a high-quality colored label, the children find their hero on the ends of the belt. The combat cats program extends over 2 x 10 practice hours, during which the children get to know the first movement sequences from different martial arts styles in a playful way. Kicking and beating are always taboo. Freedom of movement and fun are in the foreground.

Do you have a little fighting cat at home? Then she will soon draw with a new budget belt from Top Ten.

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