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Jumping Rope steel


From beginners to professionals – a jump rope is the ideal training tool for all performance levels. In its light design, the jump rope with PVC-coated steel ropeimpresses with its particularly smooth running. It swings perfectly with both slow and fast turns. Twisting of the rope is impossible, thanks to the stable design and the ergonomic handles. Also, the length of the rope can be shortened so that you can hold an individually tailored training device in your hands in just a few simple steps. But jumping is not the only thing that matters. As your pulse rises with the number of beats and speed, your full concentration is required. Brain jogging with a difference – with the jump rope from the Budoland online shop.

Additional advantages:

  • adjustable length
  • PVC coated steel cable
  • ergonomic plastic handles
  • for beginners and advanced



The full concentration required – jump rope exercises.

Never underestimate a jump rope. Exercises with the PVC-coated steel rope not only steal your muscles or promote your endurance – they also require your full concentration. Countless jump variations already make warm-up a real challenge for your brain. Jumps over the cross, one-legged or changing tempo units, make our gray cells jump with joy.

Set skipping rope correctly.

The coated steel cable arrives at you in sufficient length and can be individually adapted to any body size. You can easily determine your ideal length by standing in the middle of the rope and pulling the handles up to your armpits. We recommend that you wear sturdy shoes when jumping. It would be best if you prefer a flexible hall or ring floor to a rigid surface concerning your joints.

Cooldown – everything has an end.

The last minutes of the training run, now it is time to bring the body back to normal. Nothing is better than a few easy jumps on the rope. In a running step, you review the impressions of the training session and pump enough oxygen into your body again.

Rely on the right timing – jump rope PVC with steel rope. Get it straight to your home with your order in the Budoland online shop.


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