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Jump rope TOP TEN


TOP TEN helps you jump on the jump – with the jump rope “My Jump,” a complete warm-up becomes a full training session. This inconspicuous training tool will now teach you more and more because its lightweight will surely stow it in every little bag. Even outdoor enthusiasts will get their money’s worth with “My Jump”, because the plastic-coated steel cable with robust and more extensive positions features properties. The actual bearing creates a smooth rotating effect in order to hear high numbers of hits. “My jump” becomes lightweight thanks to the nylon handles, which are crack-resistant even when sweaty decisions are made. For individual sports and leisure fun, the rope length of 275 cm can be shortened to fit the athletes. With the last 4 possible color models, the TOP TEN skipping rope “My jump” for wind and wind in everyday training.

Additional reasons:

  • light nylon handles
  • secure bearing against twisting
  • enables high impact rate
  • 4 colors to choose from

The key point for your fitness – jump rope “My Jump.”

Jumping units with the jumping rope “My Jump” from TOP TEN are anything but child’s play. With a weight of just 125 grams, it is one of the lightweights in our devices and pushes you to high performance. The pivot bearing not only prevents the foam-encased steel cable from being screwed in but also enables a higher frequency.

Non-slip handles for the right rhythm.

When the rhythm is heard, there are no longer any obstacles to long training sessions with the “My Jump.” The jump rope rights over light and ergonomic closed handles, which can still be obtained even with sweaty decisions. Jump rope exercises are at the latest with the films of Silvester Stallone, as Rocky Balboa, a fixed program item in for several martial artists and in addition to nimble footwork for more strength and orientation.

Fresh colors bring fresh wind into training.

TOP TEN has designed the “My Jump” in 4 religious colors and brings even more variety to the training. The rope length of 275 cm can be made safely, distinguish the “My Jump” as prepared for you. As a counterbalance to everyday life, a few minutes with the “My Jump” jump rope leads to stress relief and more fitness at the same time.

Gives you a helping hand – the TOP TEN jump rope “My Jump” from our online shop.


Yellow, Orange, Green, Black


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