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Jump Rope “Heavy Jumper”


The black and yellow “Heavy Jumper” jump rope is anything but ordinary. Similar to the well-known battle ropes, you hold a multi-braided and slightly elastic rope with a thickness of 3 cm in your hands on the 2.8 m long jump rope. The ends are coated and ensure a non-slip grip. Training with the “Heavy Jumper” is neither speed nor technique in the foreground. Instead, it is a new way of training extreme endurance. In its universal size, the swinging rope is perfectly designed for individual sessions and promises unlimited sporting pleasure inside and outside.

Additional advantages:

  • multi-braided jump rope
  • diameter 3 cm
  • Universal size 2.8 m
  • weight 1.56 kg
  • color black/yellow



Discover the new dimension of jumping rope with the “Heavy Jumper.”

With the “Heavy Jumper,” no new speed records can be set, and you won’t be able to do tricks with the 2.8 m long and over 1.56 kg skipping rope. And yet you will not be able to get rid of the “Heavy Jumper”. With its dimensions, it is made for extreme endurance training and promotes your balance. To get the swing rope into a flowing movement, you need not only strength but also the right technique, which cannot be compared with “normal” jump ropes.

Well-thought-out weaving technology for the highest demands.

Our heavyweight under the jump ropes can be seen with its unique weaving technique and the black/yellow design. While a conventional jump rope weighs around 300 g, the “Heavy Jumper” weighs five times as much. The weaving technology is designed for these loads and makes the rope resistant and slightly elastic.

Everything under control during jump rope training with the “Heavy Jumper.”

The handle ends are specially coated so that the “heavy jumper” does not slip out of your hands. Due to its high weight, the battle jump rope requires the stable back muscles of the athlete. The rotational movement alone brings the upper arm muscles to their limits so that even small units with this training device have a significant effect.

Get the jump rope in XXL format and experience a new dimension of rope jumping with the“Heavy Jumper.” Order it right here – in our online shop.


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