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Jump Rope “Heavy Jumper XL”


Jumping rope with the “Heavy Jumper XL” is anything but child’s play. The multi-braided rope with a length of 2.8 m and an incredible weight of 2.14 kg gets you out of breath in short intervals. Also known as the battle rope skipping rope, the black/red rope from TOP TEN is perfect for strengthening your endurance and upper body muscles. Here, speed is not what is important, but the fact that the rope with a diameter of 3.5 cm is brought into an even rotation. Made of robust and resistant polyester, the “Heavy Jumper XL” is your special equipment for inside and outside.

Additional advantages:

  • length of 2.8 m
  • weight 2.14 kg
  • rope diameter 3.5 cm
  • specially coated rope ends



Jump rope of a different kind with the “Heavy Jumper XL” from TOP TEN.

If you want to jump a double under or a criss cross with the “Heavy Jumper XL,” you will be disappointed. This TOP TEN swing rope is not designed for fast jumps and brisk footwork but brings your body to the edge of its load limit. While sport jump ropes usually weigh around 300 g, the black/red braided “Heavy Jumper XL” weighs a whopping 2.14 kg.

New momentum for your power workout.

TOP TEN offers you the “Heavy Jumper XL” in a universal length of 2.8 m. The sophisticated weaving technology of the polyester fibers makes the rope slightly elastic and particularly resistant to weather conditions such as wet or sunlight. So, you can pack your “Heavy Jumper XL” in your backpack for the next outdoor session and workout in the open air. The ends are covered with a non-slip coat so that the rope fits comfortably in your hand.

TOP TEN quality for the Battle Rope skipping rope “Heavy Jumper XL.”

To keep the “Heavy Jumper XL” in shape, TOP TEN uses a unique weaving technique. The use of black and red rope strands creates a unique pattern so that the swing rope can also convince with a sporty look. The sheathed ends, which also serve as a grip surface, provide extra safety. With its grip, the 2.14 kg rope can be rotated evenly.

Get your training going with the jump rope “Heavy Jumper XL” from our online shop.


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