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ITF shirt “Storm”


With the unisex T-Shirt “Storm” with ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) print, you bring new wind into your wardrobe. The t-shirt, which is black in the basic tone, is contrasted with bright yellow at the sleeves and shoulders. Like the entire shirt, the V-neck is elastic yet dimensionally stable.

Additional advantages:

  • environmentally conscious through sublimation printing
  • antiperspirant
  • durable
  • fast drying
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Make new waves with “Storm”

You will certainly, whether in the training or leisure area. Because of the special material selection of 100% polyester, you will not sweat so easily. An optimal body climate guarantees you in the sport that you neither sweat or cool down and dissipates the sweat to the outside. The ITF T-Shirt “Storm” is light on your skin and has a smooth surface.

Especially the front part is visually a real highlight and sets with the color combination and the different lettering a real eye-catcher.

Why “Storm” will be with you for a long time

Because we not only put an attractive look on the design but also in the selection of materials and the printing process. So we use polyester and thus get a long-lasting, robust and comfortable product. Thanks to the sublimation printing process, our colors and motifs are particularly colorful and long-lasting without staining. Binders and solvents can be largely dispensed with in this process.

TAEKWON-DO – a martial art with high demands

In Taekwon-Do, you use your whole body and you do your moves quickly and dynamically. These demands must withstand sportswear – with the ITF T-shirt “Storm” you have your favorite new item in the wardrobe. The individual fit and the skin-friendly material ensure real wearing comfort. You can wash the t-shirt at 30 °C and put it back in shape after only a short drying time. Thus, nothing stands in the way of your sporting activity.

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