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Hook-and-Loop strap replacement for Top Ten headguards


When technology copies nature, we are in the field of bionics. The hook and loop straps from Top Ten are one of those famous nature copies. The two strong polyester straps are available as replacement straps for the Top Ten headgear “Competition Fight”, “Avantgarde”, “Full Protection” and “Training”. The adhesive tape is provided with extremely durable and specially woven hooks. The counterpart, the so-called loop tape, is filled with countless slings and connects perfectly with the adhesive tape. With more than 10,000 possible repetitions, a hook and loop fastener is one of the most durable and effective closures available.

Additional advantages:

  • Top Ten logo patch
  • extra strong nylon straps
  • close with strong hook and look fastener
  • double stitched
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One of the best 50 inventions of the 20th century – hook and loop tapes.

Also, the headguards from Top Ten are among the innovations of this time. Georg F. Brückner has brought his time with the brand Top Ten safety in martial arts. Thus, it is only natural that such innovative and awarded products as the hook and loop fastener, are used in its products. A hook and loop fastener ensures a perfect hold of the protective equipment without again emerging as a potential source of danger. Hook and loop fasteners comes without eyelets or sharp corners and edges.

Who invented it?

No, we do not mean the tasty herbal candy. It was a Swiss, however, who invented the hook and loop fastener in the 50s. Georges de Mestral annoyed as a hunter in his forays through the forest, the annoying fruits of the velvety plant, which stuck to him as well as to his dog. He spent almost 10 years working on the bionic mysteryand getting hook and look tapes ready for production. Top Ten uses this unique natural copy to seal its high-quality headguards and protectors.

Astro-Alex and hook and loop tapes.

Do not you think? Have you ever tried to tie a shoe with boxing gloves? It is so difficult to work with bulky astronaut gloves in space. Since their invention, hook and loop tapes have also been used in space travel, making it much easier for astronauts, such as our Alexander Gerst, to do the work. Everything stays safe where it belongs.

Enough input about the purpose of a hook and loop tape? Then get the new replacement straps for your headgear and start well protected in the next round of training.

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