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Hooded Tank Top “Biceps”


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Your new companion through all seasons is the tank top “Biceps” hooded by Hayashi. The sleeveless hoodie is straight cut and sits casually on the hips through the wide hemline at the waistband. In summer, the wide armholes give you plenty of air and flexibility. As an underwear, the Tank Top leaves nothing to be desired even in the cold season and the warming cotton wears comfortably under a sweater or a jacket. The generous hood has a drawstring and can be easily adjusted over a band in their width. The tank top “Biceps” can be easily integrated into your sports and leisure wear in black or gray as a new basic. A special highlight is certainly the color-coordinated Hayashi print in the chest and waistband with its slight shimmer effect.

Additional advantages:

  • 100% cotton
  • wide drawstring hood
  • generous armholes
  • straight cut
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Let your muscles play in the Hayashi Tank Top “Biceps”.

Tank tops are the must-have for well-trained arms. In the “Biceps” shirt by Hayashi, you can show what you have. The sleeves are generously worked and reach far under the underarm area. The skin-friendly cotton fabric falls in a straight cut loosely around the upper body and is compressed by the wide waistband. Thus, your arms are perfectly staged in the “Biceps” while the stomach is significantly slimmer.

Hayashi – strong design for martial arts fans.

You do not have to go to the mat yourself to make a good figure in the training shirt “Biceps”. The sports fashion collection by Hayashi now makes the spirit of martial arts roadworthy. Whether training-, leisure- or streetwear, tank tops are always a good choice for athletic types. In everyday life, the functionality of sport-suitable clothing will benefit you as well. The slightly shimmering typical Hayashi print gives the shirt an unmistakable Far Eastern sport look.

Cappuccio – under the smokescreen.

In German, the concept of a hood – derived from the Italian Cappuccio – already emerged in the 15th century. Even then, it had the same meaning as it does today. It should protect the head, neck, and parts of shoulders and face from cold / rain, possibly also from unwanted glances. Also in martial arts, a hood is very popular. Due to the extra-wide cut of the hood of the tank top “Biceps”, it can be pulled far in the face and you can keep your focus up to the very last with you.

Give your muscles more freedom and get the tank top “Biceps” from Hayashi in our online shop.

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