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Head Guard “Competition Fight”


This innovative headguard from Top Ten is made of particularly durable Bayflex®. The properties of this highly functional foam material are unique in its kind and have been extensively tested by the TU Berlin. Even after 100,000 times the load (strokes), the head protection showed no significant signs of wear. The outer skinof the ultimate foam Bayflex® is sealed – so that the cell tissue remains permeable to air, but does not give it to the outside. This guarantees you head protection, which immediately absorbs hits and fails in its protection function in no second.

Additional advantages:

  • No visual obstruction
  • Made in Germany
  • W.A.K.O. Competition head guard
  • Multiple protection functions

If the chemistry matches – the top ten “Competition Fight” head protection.

When polyol, a plastic mixture of catalysts and paint, joins forces with a propellant gas, it’s not just the chemist who’s knocking on the heart. Kickbox pioneer Georg F. Brückner, who worked on new material for his headgears in cooperation with a German plastics manufacturer – will have been more than surprised by the result. What sounds so simple in theory hides many consecutive and perfectly matched chemical reactions. The developed Bayflex® foam is a solid plastic mass with a network of open cells, which can break down strong forces due to their elasticity and structure. The perfect raw material for the sports sector – especially for a safety reviver of the “Kickboxzsene” like Georg F. Brückner.

Voluntary stress tests provide even more security.

After the raw material for the Top Ten head protection stood, it went to the optimization of the fit and other important details. The TU Berlin supports us in carrying out a stress test. It turned out that the head protection of Top Ten still far exceeds the requirements of W.A.K.O. lies. Of course, therefore, the competition admission is undisputed and you can safely start in the next competition.

The advantages are in the detail.

Brückner has already spent a lot of time working on detailed solutions in order to make kickboxing even safer and thus more accessible to the recreational athlete. A visible structure inside the Top Ten head guard ensures an optimal welding process. Thus, there is no visual restriction due to sudden welding. Especially the skullcap and the upper cervical spine are more than adequately protected with the head protection. These two head regions are particularly at risk on impact (K.O).

Let our experts from science, sports, and medicine convince you and get your head protection “Competition Fight” from Top Ten.

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