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Hand-Wrap, boxing bandage inelastic – 5,0 cm x 500 cm, black


With the inelastic boxing bandage by TOP TEN, you are never crooked. Especially in the professional sector, the robust cotton bandage with thumb loop is used. Due to the strong hook and loop fastener, the bandage can be closed in a simple and non-slip manner, which particularly benefits the stability performance. But of course, she can do more. Cotton is perfect when it comes to absorbing and storing moisture. Especially sweat can be a true “killer” of your boxing gloves due to its chemical composition. You are looking for more protection and stability on your hands and want to protect your equipment? Then the TOP TEN boxing bandage is essential to your equipment.

Additional advantages:

  • Thumb loop for easy donning
  • Hook and loop closure
  • 100% cotton
  • black with TOP TEN logo



Optimize your protective gear with TOP TEN boxing bandages.

Do you wonder what the cotton strip should bring you? Much – and a little more. More safety, more comfort, and equipment that will accompany you for a long time. With a width of 5 cm and a length of 500 cm, the bandage can be wrapped around all stressed areas of your hands (joints + hand bones). By the length, even the fingers can be bandaged individuallyenormous support in the stability achievement. But even simple tasks, such as the filling of empty spaces in the glove, takes over this bandage with flying colors. Only through a bandage you get an optimal climate inside the fist-guards and prevent premature wear due to sweat and bacteria. The bandage can be washed easily, but not your boxing gloves.

Winding brings you into the tunnel.

Do you know the feeling of forgetting everything around you? Your thoughts are all about one, your upcoming fight. In the tunnel of your thoughts, you bundle your forces, the optimal preparation to be successful. Many professional athletes always use recurring rituals, such as bandaging the bandages to come to. With a little practice, creating the bandage also succeeds non-professionals easily. For the correct winding of the bandages, there are numerous instructions and descriptions. In the end, however, the bandage must sit so tight that your clenched fist feels the tension. However, if she pains after a short tension, it is too tight and the blood circulation is impaired – here you should relax again.

Keep your own career in your hands.

Whether sporty or in businesswithout hands it does not work. If you want to tackle, you cannot get around unscathed hands. With the inelastic boxing bandage by TOP TEN, you have it all in your own hands to bring your career on track. Tendon inflammation, capsule- and muscle injuries, as well as broken bones, do not stand in your way with properly bandaged hands.

Caution is better than an indulgence – use preventive best protective equipment and get now the TOP TEN box bandages in our online shop.

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