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Groinguard Hayashi


Hayashi offers you this jockstrap extremely light groin protection with full function. To the wide elastic support band, the corresponding hard plastic shellcan be simply buttoned by means of a breathable mesh cover. The “special garment” is almost invisible even under tight-fitting clothing and does not stand out. For absolute sports hygiene, the replaceable Pantal-cups made of hard plastic. These can be easily cleaned or simply replaced if necessary. Even when in motion, the jockstrap safely sits in place without rubbing or narrowing it. The high protective effect of the hard plastic shell is crucial for use in contact sports such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Taekwon-Do, or Thaiboxing, but is also often used in ball and shooting sports such as football or paintball.

Additional advantages:

  • easy to put on
  • exchangeable hard shell
  • breathable through the mesh cover
  • non-slip elastic band

A mug for the crown jewels – groin guard by Hayashi.

Here we are talking unabashedly about what makes a man a man. The male genitals are largely unprotected and can be particularly affected in sports. Not only in martial arts hits in the genital areacan lead to consequential damage, but even footballers, ballet dancers or recreational paintball gamblers also belong in this risk group. With the jockstrap by Hayashi brings security to the holy region of the crown jewels and is very easy to handle, so that the size Junior can be created independently by children/teens.

Conflict potential: security vs. Comfort.

We are your problem solver. You do not want to give up protection, but you do not want to lose your freedom of movement? Then the Cups from the House of Hayashi is exactly your thing. The cups have a comfortable fit and provide a fresh breeze with ventilation holes and the mesh cover. The sides are rounded and prevent unpleasant chafing. The elastic rubber bands make the fit of the jockstrap perfect – barely noticeable and visible gives you the best security with maximum comfort of movement.

Do you have your “Susi” with you?

Not quite self-evident that we speak so openly about testicle protection. Shortened as “Susi”, especially kids and teens lose their shame in front of a jockstrap. The most important part of their own protective equipment is the “Susi” from the beginning to avoid painful genital injuries.

Get your “Susi” home and put on the best protection of your crown jewels with the Hayashi groin guard.

Age Group

Child, Junior


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