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Groinguard HAYASHI white


Stay cool, little boys, teens, and men can do that with the WKF approved groin guard by Hayashi. The jockstrap is perfect for use in martial arts. The cup made of hard plastic can be easily inserted into the breathable mesh cover. About push buttons, the shell is clipped on the wide and elastic rubber waistband. Due to the rounded and soft edges of the protector fits comfortably and keeps everything slip-proof in the right place. The interchangeable cups not only make the neck protector extremely hygienic but also ensure extra safety. The material is pressure and impact-resistant, which greatly minimizes the risk of injury from accidental blows.

Other advantages:

  • elastic waistband
  • exchangeable cup
  • 3 different sizes
  • WKF approved

Comfortable groin from Hayashi for boys and men.

With the WKF approved groin protection by Hayashi boys and men are well protected in martial arts. Slips are thus stopped in their intensity and the sensitive soft tissues are protected from injury and serious consequences. With the elastic fixation system, the jockstrap sits comfortably like a panty and does not restrict your movements. The perforated hard plastic cup and the airy mesh cover create a pleasant climate.

Threesome – kids, junior and senior sizes.

With the size division in children, junior and senior, the WKF approved groin guard is a constant companion of your athletic career and from the beginning. In addition to its protective performance, the schooner must sit perfectly, otherwise, you feel uncomfortable and sooner or later, if you can, do without it. You will feel the benefits of Hayashi’s high-quality jockstrap from the moment you first wear it. Just donning through the elastic waistband and the additional straps over the butt is very easy and leaves the schooner fit snugly. Soft materials ensure that nothing tweaks and nudges or can be pinched in full motion.

What happens with an unprotected low blow?

Ouch! More you probably will not bring in the moment. The male reproductive organs are soft tissues and have no built-in protective function. A hit in this sensitive zone has forced many fighters involuntarily to their knees. A combat task is still the lesser evil. Unprotected hard hits can cause bruising, in the worst case even impotence. For a long time, men’s guards have been compulsory in the competition area, but they certainly have their justification in daily training.

We protect you from low blows – with the WKF approved groin guard by Hayashi. Best quality, safe and convenient ordering in the Budoland online shop.

Age Group

Child, Junior, Senior


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